Business Services

  • Leadership, Management & Communication Consulting

    At every level in every organization, getting what you want and need from your team, peers and staff requires the ability to set expectations with clarity. How you effectively and easily demonstrate leadership and management qualities sets the stage both inside the organization, as well as with outside vendors, potential clients and prospective partners. Through tailored training programs, we help individuals and teams learn the tools and techniques to enhance their leadership and communication skills.

    We work with many of our clients in the following areas:

    • Identifying Emerging Leaders
    • Succession Planning
    • Behavioral Analytics
    • Leadership Development & Training
    •     - Best Practices in Communication (Verbal and Non-Verbal)
          - Building a Culture of Accountability
          - Delegation/Setting Priorities/Time Management/Work Life Balance
          - Empathy in the Workplace

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  • Human Resource Management

    Comprehensive HR Audits
    As part of our full service commitment to compliance, we provide the highest level of HR audits. The results obtained from conducting comprehensive audits will help you identify gaps in your Human Resource practices and legal compliance and determine the scope of immediate legal risks. Areas reviewed and services offered include:

    • Legal Compliance at Federal and State levels
    • HR Record Keeping
    • Employee Communication
    • Employee Performance Management
    • ADA Compliant Job Descriptions
    • Compensation
    • Benefits Administration
    • Time Keeping

    Employee Handbooks
    Every organization, no matter how small, should have an employee handbook. Serving as necessary roadmaps for all personnel, employee handbooks provide clear guidelines, eliminate any bias perceptions and prevent legal headaches. We will review your existing handbook, or create a new handbook that is customized to your organization. Our “Of Counsel” Labor and Employment attorneys are always available for consult to us, or to you.

    “On Call” Services When You Need Them
    Our HR consulting expertise is offered on an as needed basis. It is a valuable service that our clients find to be affordable and invaluable when dealing with employee relations issues, as well as for general process and procedure questions G.R Reid offers all areas of Human Resource support on an as needed basis to include, but not limited to:

    • Employee Relations
    • Training and Development
    • Performance Management
    • New Hire Orientation
    • Legal Compliance
    • Process and Procedure
    • HR Administration
    • Disciplinary Process
    • Employee Communications
    • Benefits/Compensation Management

    We provide our clients with a Human Resource Solution with a personalized approach – acting as a member of your team. Whether we are onsite as part of your team or acting as an extension, your staff, at all levels will find us responsive, approachable and ready to assist. We serve as your on-call, in-house HR department for all of your HR issues that arise, as they arise.

    “Time and Temperature”
    ADA Compliant, Reality Based Job Descriptions
    Combined with the true Morale & Culture

    Our team of HR experts conduct in-depth personal interviews with key members of your team for the purpose of providing you with reality based job descriptions (what you think should be done compared to what is actually being done). By gathering this information we are able to ascertain duplicity of efforts and identify where opportunities exist to make adjustments resulting in an appropriately staffed position. The value of these job descriptions will also be realized should any key employee leave as well as serve as a road map for future new hires. With this program, we obtain the true “temperature” of your team; the morale and insight that every business owner needs to know, and recommendations on ways to improve performance and enhance your company’s working environment.

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  • Information Technology Services

    Our certified I/T team is ready and able to provide you and your staff with a single point of contact for all of your vital technology needs. G.R. Reid offers a full range of Information Technology Services. Intelligently designed networks are tailored to provide your business with a solid work platform. In an increasingly competitive business environment, our Microsoft® Certified staff offers your business backup and disaster recovery solutions and the complete benefits of a comprehensive ‘in-house’ I/T department at a fraction of the cost.
    Our certified I/T team is at your service, ready and able to provide you and your staff with a single point of contact for all of your vital technology needs. G.R. Reid’s proactive approach to I/T support ensures that your business can remain focused on servicing your clients and not on your technology.

    Looking to better manage your sales cycle and customer service units?
    Our Customer Relationship Management Solutions (through Microsoft Dynamics) are easy to use and remarkably efficient.

    Opening a new business or branch office?
    Our LAN and WAN solutions are proven and effective.

    Have a widely dispersed or mobile workforce?
    Our Cloud Services can bring them together, yet keep them on the move. Our strategic partnerships with top-of-the-line vendors like Microsoft, HP, Dell, Optimum Online, Lenovo, Eaton Powerware and Trend Micro allow us to provide our clients with the assistance and support needed to compete in today’s technology-driven marketplace.

    I/T Business Services:

    • Information Technology Design, Implementation and Support
    • CRM Solutions, Hosted and On Premise
    • Cloud Computing and Hosted Exchange Solutions
    • Computer Hardware and Software Sales, Installation and Support
    • Network Cabling
    • Backup and Disaster Recovery
    • Document Imaging and Storage & Archiving
    • Internet Security and Antivirus Solutions
    • 24/7 Monitoring and Help Desk Assistance Available

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